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Welcome to the Freddy Render Wiki.

About Freddy Render

Freddy Render is free Render Farm software for Blender, written by Mike Peralta. It can coordinate multiple machines to render a Blender animation much more quickly than using only one machine. The entire program is packed into a single JAR file and invoked on each participating machine with simple command lines. Because the program works in JAVA, it is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and probably Mac.

Freddy Render is pretty simple, works well, and has a slick web interface to help you manage your projects.

Getting Freddy Render

You can download Freddy Render at this page: Download

How to Use Freddy Render

Check out the following pages for more information:

Getting Help, and Supporting Freddy Render

You can use the Support page to find ways of getting help using Freddy Render.

If you enjoy using Freddy Render and wish to contribute, head over to the Contribute and Donate pages.

Author and License

For more information, check out these links: Author and License


Check out the screenshots below to get an idea of what using Freddy Render is like.

Web Interface Screenshots

Web Interface (Overview)
Web Interface (Job Summary)

Client Screenshots

Client Mode (Uploading)
Client Mode (Finished Uploading)